Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well its finally November. Which means a couple of things: my birthday, Thanksgiving, shopping, and FAMILY!

This year I turned 25, I know its not that old but to me... it is! I feel so dang old. When I was little I would look up to my sister who was 25 or 26 and she seemed to  "had it all figured out" or so I thought. I've learned that you will never have it figured out. Thats what we spend all our lives doing is trying to figure out who we are. Well this birthday has been... well... HARD! I spent the night of my birthday and some of Saturday crying. Why do I have to be the one who is not married or has tons of kids? Why me? All my friends are married with kids, and here I sit with neither.
After having an emotional couple of days I went down to work to get a drink on Saturday night. Some awesome ladies were working that I look up to so much. I started chatting with Marlene. I had told her about how I had felt and so on about my birthday. We talked for a while and she had some really awesome advise. As I was about to leave she said to me, "Lisa I just want you to know, not to let that get you down. You are such an amazing girl. Enjoy the single life, take every chance you get to be young."
WOW!!! Were those the PERECT words I needed to hear! That made me feel so much better!!! I think now I am okay with being "the single one". I know that someday my Prince will come and we'll get married and hopefully have kids but right now isn't that time. Heavenly Father knows when that time is and I will just have to be patient and willing to learn some lessons.
Getting old is hard to do but well worth it!

I hope I can remember what a great lesson I learned from turning 25. Lets hope I learn something on every birthday :)

I am so beyond excited for Thanksgiving this year! It can't come soon enough. Well I've got lots to do tonight so until next time!

Lisa :)


chris m. said...

I am so glad that your friend help you out. I was once the "SINGLE" one in my family too. Don't worry, you should do exactly as your friend says. I loved the last few years of my single life... it was one of the best parts... so don't wish them away.
To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are!
That is so true. Thanks for posting that awesome line on facebook. :) HAPPY 25th.

Harmony said...

Lisa, you are an amazing girl and someday your price will come!! Just keep being you- Can't wait to celebrate with you!!

Amanda said...

I cried and cried when I turned 25 too. I think it's a hard time what ever point your life is at.

Maryann said...

holy crap! i did not know that you were twenty-five!!!! you look like you are only twenty! well, happy b-day lisa!!!! love,