Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well its finally November. Which means a couple of things: my birthday, Thanksgiving, shopping, and FAMILY!

This year I turned 25, I know its not that old but to me... it is! I feel so dang old. When I was little I would look up to my sister who was 25 or 26 and she seemed to  "had it all figured out" or so I thought. I've learned that you will never have it figured out. Thats what we spend all our lives doing is trying to figure out who we are. Well this birthday has been... well... HARD! I spent the night of my birthday and some of Saturday crying. Why do I have to be the one who is not married or has tons of kids? Why me? All my friends are married with kids, and here I sit with neither.
After having an emotional couple of days I went down to work to get a drink on Saturday night. Some awesome ladies were working that I look up to so much. I started chatting with Marlene. I had told her about how I had felt and so on about my birthday. We talked for a while and she had some really awesome advise. As I was about to leave she said to me, "Lisa I just want you to know, not to let that get you down. You are such an amazing girl. Enjoy the single life, take every chance you get to be young."
WOW!!! Were those the PERECT words I needed to hear! That made me feel so much better!!! I think now I am okay with being "the single one". I know that someday my Prince will come and we'll get married and hopefully have kids but right now isn't that time. Heavenly Father knows when that time is and I will just have to be patient and willing to learn some lessons.
Getting old is hard to do but well worth it!

I hope I can remember what a great lesson I learned from turning 25. Lets hope I learn something on every birthday :)

I am so beyond excited for Thanksgiving this year! It can't come soon enough. Well I've got lots to do tonight so until next time!

Lisa :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Much needed post!

I know its been forever since I have posted anything. I have been so busy!!!!

Lots has been going on! Nothing to exciting though! But it sure has been a great summer. I am so looking forward to Fall! I love Fall! It means pumkin everything, leaves, sweaters, colder weather, my birthday, the start of holidays and most of all lots of time with my family!!!!!!

I am so excited for October! On October 15th, Melanie and Danny are going to be sealed in the temple! I am so happy for them. They deserve this! It seems like they just got married! I remember that day very well!

This is Melanie with my parents on her wedding day! Such a beautiful bride!

I am happy to annouce that I have a new nephew! His name is Bryson Dennis Gull! He is such an adorable little man! He has such a beautiful olive skin color! Congrats again to my brother and his wife Heather! He is such a doll!

This is the cute little guy that joined our family!

During the summer, Madelyn came and stayed at Grandma's house for a whole week! While she was here we had so much fun! She kept us all very occupied! We had alot of fun doing the most random things! While she was here we managed to do all of the following...

  • Went to the pet store TWICE just to see the cute "drawaf hampsters"

  • Played all the games at Nickel City!

  • Won 958 tickets at Nichel City!

  • Went to the pool, many times!

  • Pierced Madeys ears!!!! (yes Maryann approved first)

  • Went shoping... ALOT!

  • Watched my first episode of iCarly!

  • Built an AWESOME hut!
It was such a joy to have that sweet little girl with us for a whole week. When she left, the house was so quite and boring!

Here are a few pictures of her wonderful stay with us!

She was nervous but she did really good! She was more excited to pick our some new earings! Me and Melanie had fun taking her to get them done!

The girls getting ready to watch the new iCarly in there cool hut!

What a fun summer I have had. Its also been a tough summer. My mom has had some health problems and had to have a couple of surgerys. But she is doing alot better and losing a lot of weight!

Well I don't have much else to say! Until next time!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


The cake for my dad!

Joanna, Melanie, Heather and John eating also.
Danny, Melanie, and Maryann enjoying the yummy food at the party!
This is Nathen! He is so funny! Always making everyone laugh.
Simon and Zack just hanging out! Cute kids!

The church truned out so cute!!!

Wow its been a long time.

Wow I feel like its been a while since I have posted anything. Sorry!!! I have been so busy. So much has been going on at our house in the last 2 months. The 1st of May was such a fun day! We started off the day by going to Hailee's baptism. She is such a beautiful girl. Her baptism was really special and I am so happy I was able to go. When we were sitting there waiting for it to start I was looking around at everyone that came. Hailee is so blessed to have such an amazing family, both the Gull side and on the Wood side. After Hailee's baptism me and Madey had to start getting everything ready for my dad's surprise birthday party! We left at about 12 to get everything and we finally ended about 4:30. We were busy little girls! I was so glad I got to spend some alone time with Madey. Its nice to spend alone time with each one of my nieces. I have to best nieces!!! (Even though they can be drama queens!!!) Ryan, Cory, Maryann, Melanie, Hailee, MaKayla and Melanie all came to help set up chairs and tables. Oh and my mom! It was a fun day. Then finally it came time for the party! He was so surprised!!!!! I thought he would have figured something out, but nope! It was such a fun night! So happy I planned it. It was fun to come home after and hang out with everyone and just talk!!

The next weekend we all met up in Logan for Melanie's Graduation from Utah State. It was a little colder up there, but still fun! John and Heather got a hotel so they wouldn't have to tavel so much in one day. After the luncheon, we all went back to there hotel to swim. It was alot of fun to play in the pool with this kids! Cash is such a water baby. He loved getting in but made me hold him the whole time. On the way home Hailee and MaKayla decided they wanted to ride with us. It was so funny to listen to them for 2 hours. Hailee is so smart!!!

Wow see I have been really busy. this doesn't include work! Which by the way I LOVE my new job. It is such a blesssing that I got the job. I really enjoy what I do. I like working in the Medical field.

Melanie and Danny have finally finshed moving in. So now we have a full house! I really like having them around. Its fun. My dad has put Danny to work almost everyday since he got here! Its nice to see them have such a good relationship!

My diet is still going.... slow! Last week I wasn't feeling to good so I wasn't sticking to it very good. I know, SHAME on me!!! This next week will be better! I am going to push myself harder.

Well now that you've all heard about what going on I'll show ya some fun picture of this last month!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jason Aldean!

On March 19th Jason Aldean came to the Energy Solution Areana in concert! Of course me and Jamie went! It was by far the BEST concert I have ever been to. We had such a fun night! Luke Bryan was the opening act. He was just as great as Jason Aldean! Before we went, we ate at California Pizza Kitchen. It was yummo! Here are a few pictures of our fun night!

Smile! LOL!
All sweet and innocent!
Waiting for the concert to start!
This is proof we went!
Mr. Luke Bryan himself!
Jason Aldean!
"Blasting out to Johnny Cash"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Journey!!

Well... I am really SICK of looking like this ----->

And this ------->

So my solution.... is....I am in serious need of losing weight!!! I am so sick of being the way I am. I have tried everything to lose weight and nothing is working for me. I get so frustrated day to day with not losing weight. My friend Sarah told me about her experience and I instintly became interested. Sarah, Nathalie and Amanda came to my house and explained what it was all about, the ins and outs if how it works. Well you guessed it I am starting Isagenix! I am so excited to get started. Once I have started and start to lose weight I will creat a Weight Loss blog!!!! I am so excited for this change!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentines Weekend

For Valentines weekend, I went up to Idaho! Well Me, Melanie and Danny went to Idaho! This was the best Idaho trip ever!!!! We had so much fun. We did lots of crafts, sat around and talked, watched everyone play the wii and just had so much fun! Saturday night we went out for our Valentines dinner. My date (Madey) had to stay home and watch the boys. But I still had fun. It was nice to sit and talk as adults. Here are a few pics of the weekend! Also it was Maryann's birthday so I bought a cake fore her! Isn't it so stinking cute! She was surprised and I think she really liked it. I wish so bad I could move to Idaho. It would be so fun! I had a blast hanging out with my sisters!

Yes, this is Danny and Cory CLEANING up after dinner. Me, Melanie and Maryann sat and watched. He he he!
The BEST salad ever! Maryann is seriously amazing at cooking!!!!
Maryann and Cory!
The yummy cake for Maryann's birthday!
Madey got braces! Isn't she darling!